Industries: Oil & Gas

Primary and Secondary Containment:
All Tech Industries (ATI) coatings have been successfully used as primary and secondary containment in the oil & gas industry to effectively contain unrefined oil, fuels, chemicals, and acids, in addition to fractionation fluids, wastewater and other chemicals that are present at drilling or storage sites.

Effective secondary containment systems must have the ability to withstand long term contact with harsh weather conditions, must be puncture resistant, 100% UV and resistant to static conductivity, be able to withstand thermal, electrical and/or chemical surges, expansions and contractions, as well as meet or exceed Local, State and Federal Regulations.

Strong water and chemical resistance properties make All Tech Industries coatings an excellent selection for thoroughly containing many liquids associated with a containment breach. Containment is the key function of the ATI coating, but it also protects the containment substrate from corrosion or even vigorous environmental conditions.

Recent local, state and federal legislation has raised the fines for facility owners that contaminate the environment. Once a catastrophic failure has occurred your Secondary Containment immediately becomes your Primary Containment.

All Tech Industries offers a solution that has features no other containment solution can offer. Our spray-applied technique exceeds all Local, State and Federal Regulations pertaining to Secondary Containment and it lasts 10 times longer than any other coating or lining system offered in the marketplace today.

The containment area typically consists of metal or earthen support walls (berms) which form the basis of the perimeter. A layer of Geotextile is then applied over the containment area and the support walls. The ATI coating product (i.e. Ultra COAT™) is then spray-applied over the Geotextile fabric at a thickness of 60 mils. The coating forms a seamless, leak-free area and bonds the supports walls with the Geotextile fabric. The storage tanks are typically set within the new containment area the same day as the ATI coating system installation.

Pits & Tank Farms:
All Tech Industries provides a secondary containment solution that prevents hazardous materials that are stored in tank farms from damaging the environment and costing our clients unnecessary fines.

Our standard 60 mil coatings (liners) resist puncture, chemical and extreme environmental conditions, thus prolonging the life of the pit and coating investment. The seamless coating solution is spray-applied with the desired thickness, color and other physical specifications to meet the project's requirements and can be applied in even the most hard to reach areas. If a tank were to fail and leak, the surrounding secondary containment is designed to have the capacity to contain the entire spill volume until the area can be cleaned up.

Leak Detection:
All Tech Industries offers three different types of leak detection solutions:
  • Non-Penetrating Leak Detection is a unique leak detection system that does not penetrate the liner. A perforated tube and dip stick are position between the primary and secondary liners. Any leakage through the primer liner is collected in the tube and measured by the dip stick. This solution is fabricated primarily from PVC components, however, the system is available in other plastics and metals.
  • Bottom Sump Leak Detection system contains a sump inserted between the primary and secondary liners. In the event that a leak occurs, the fluid is collected in the sump and drained into underground tubing and collects into a reservoir.
  • Sight Glass Leak Detection system allows any fluid that penetrates the primary liner to be collected by a Geotextile interlayer and wicked thru-the-wall fitting for instant inspection using an external sight glass. The sight glass has impact resistant transparent flexible tubes that can be manufactured to any length. By tapping into the tank wall with flanged, single holed bulkhead fittings, we can rapidly install the sight glass anywhere on the sidewall or tank.
Pipe & Pipeline Coatings:
Pipes containing chemicals, gases and fuels often require rehabilitation after prolonged use and exposure to environmental conditions. All Tech Industries coating solutions enhance the structure's integrity and protect against leaks caused by rusting and other physical damage.

All Tech Industries has also applied this technique to piping that runs through contaminated areas. This process protects the integrity of the substance moving through the pipes. We can also line the inside of pipes with our products for infrastructure rehabilitation work.

In extreme cold environments the pipe and/or pipeline is first insulated and then coated by ATI's spray-applied products. In many cases the application of the insulation and/or coating can be rendered to new pipes at our facility or at another designated site, thus speeding up field installation and reducing downtime and costs.

Corrosion Prevention / Resistance:
All Tech Industries (ATI) advanced coatings and sealants can also be used to protect steel pipes from corrosion. Corrosion is the breakdown of essential properties in a material due to chemical reactions with elements in the environment, such as water and oxygen. Corrosion causes billions of dollars of damage each year.

ATI's elastomeric coatings have excellent anti-corrosion and water resistance properties. These ultra high strength polymer coatings are impact resistant and have advanced elongation characteristics which allow them to stretch and perfectly mold to most surfaces.

ATI coatings and sealants last much longer than paint and therefore, reduce maintenance costs. In addition, they are a perfect protective coating solution for pipes insulated with ATI's spray-applied polyurethane foam.

Tank & Fuel Storage:
Tank Coatings
All Tech Industries coatings are resistant to fuels and most chemicals, and protect steel tanks from corrosion and jobsite elements. Our coatings are great for extending the life of older tanks and can offer limited structural enhancements as well. ATI's coatings can be applied during primary construction or in a retrofit project.

With proper surface preparation and substrate condition, the ATI coatings are spray-applied to set quickly, thus supporting vertical applications. Their fast cure times also make them ideal for significantly reducing downtime.

Tank Linings
All Tech Industries coatings can provide primary containment to tanks with proper surface preparation and substrate conditions. With their fast application and ability to strongly adhere to properly prepared surfaces and substrates, our coating linings are ideal for new and existing storage tanks and are excellent for rehabilitation projects.

All Tech Industries coatings are spray-applied at 6,000 psi and designed to set quickly, thus supporting vertical applications.

Fuel Storage
Today, storage tanks are highly regulated with regular inspections and their compliance must be certified. When primary and secondary containment tanks reach the end of their lifespan, ATI's coating products can bring them back to a certified condition. ATI's coatings are resistant to fuels and most chemicals; therefore they are a perfect solution for fuel storage.

Well Squeezing
All Tech Industries provides an alternative to the costly traditional method (quick set concrete) of well squeezing for applications less than 400 feet. Our sealer is forced through the casing perforations into faults in the cement or formation of the well. The ability to quickly inject the ATI sealer and easily remove it once a stabilized pressure has been determined, provides a significant advantage over traditional methods.